Tamilnadu Postal Circle


Result of Committee on GDS Compassionate Engagement (CCE) held on 23.09.2022 & 30.09.2022

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Station ID Region Division Office Name
50011 Ch.city Chennai GPO Chennai GPO
50980 Ch.city Chennai GPO Chennai GPO Addl 1
53270 Ch.city Chennai GPO Chennai GPO Addl 2
52100 Ch.city Tambaram Ambattur HO
52120 Ch.city Tambaram Ambattur Indl. Estate
52500 Ch.city Tambaram Anakaputhur
52130 Ch.city Tambaram Avadi Camp HO
52170 Ch.city Tambaram Avadi IAF
52330 Ch.city Tambaram Chitlapakkam
52140 Ch.city Tambaram Chromepet
52180 Ch.city Tambaram CRP Camp @ Avadi Camp H.O.
52190 Ch.city Tambaram Ennore Thermal Station
52200 Ch.city Tambaram Gummidipundi
52340 Ch.city Tambaram Kamaraj Nagar
52510 Ch.city Tambaram Kavarapettai At Ambattur HO
52520 Ch.city Tambaram Kelambakkam
52210 Ch.city Tambaram Kodungaiyur
52350 Ch.city Tambaram Kolathur
52530 Ch.city Tambaram Korattur
52540 Ch.city Tambaram Kovilambakkam
52550 Ch.city Tambaram Kovur
52560 Ch.city Tambaram Kunnathur-CPT
52360 Ch.city Tambaram Madambakkam
52370 Ch.city Tambaram Madhavaram
52220 Ch.city Tambaram Madhavaram Milk Colony
52380 Ch.city Tambaram Maduravoyal
52230 Ch.city Tambaram Manali
52570 Ch.city Tambaram Manali New Town
52390 Ch.city Tambaram Mangadu
52490 Ch.city Tambaram Medavakkam
52580 Ch.city Tambaram Melakottaiyur
52400 Ch.city Tambaram Minjur
52410 Ch.city Tambaram Mogappair
52420 Ch.city Tambaram Mugalivakkam
52590 Ch.city Tambaram Nazrethpettai
52600 Ch.city Tambaram Old Pallavaram
52700 Ch.city Tambaram Padappai SO
52240 Ch.city Tambaram padi
52150 Ch.city Tambaram Pallavaram
52430 Ch.city Tambaram Pammal
52250 Ch.city Tambaram Pattabiram
52440 Ch.city Tambaram Polichalur
52260 Ch.city Tambaram Ponneri
52610 Ch.city Tambaram Ponniammanmedu
52270 Ch.city Tambaram Poonamallee
52450 Ch.city Tambaram Porur
52620 Ch.city Tambaram Pozhal
52280 Ch.city Tambaram Redhills
52290 Ch.city Tambaram Selaiyur
52630 Ch.city Tambaram Sholavaram
50950 Ch.city Tambaram Sithalapakkam
52460 Ch.city Tambaram Srinivasanagar
52300 Ch.city Tambaram Tambaram East
52110 Ch.city Tambaram Tambaram HO
52310 Ch.city Tambaram Tambaram IAF
52640 Ch.city Tambaram Tambaram Sanatorium
52650 Ch.city Tambaram Thazhambur
52660 Ch.city Tambaram Thirumudivakkam
52670 Ch.city Tambaram Thirumushi
52470 Ch.city Tambaram Thiruverkadu
52480 Ch.city Tambaram Tirumullaivoyal
52160 Ch.city Tambaram Tiruvottiyur
52680 Ch.city Tambaram Vandalur
52690 Ch.city Tambaram Vijayalakshmipuram at Tambaram HO
52320 Ch.city Tambaram Villivakkam
52695 Ch.city Tambaram Laptop Kit at Tambaram HO
51310 Ch.city Chengalpattu Chengalpattu HO
51315 Ch.city Chengalpattu CPT Laptop
51325 Ch.city Chengalpattu KALPAKKAM
51330 Ch.city Chengalpattu MADURANTHAGAM
51340 Ch.city Chengalpattu Tirukalikundram
51350 Ch.city Chengalpattu Natham
51360 Ch.city Chengalpattu Acharapakkam
51370 Ch.city Chengalpattu Cheyyur
51380 Ch.city Chengalpattu Guduvancheeri
51390 Ch.city Chengalpattu Kattankolathur
51400 Ch.city Chengalpattu MAMALLAPURAM
51410 Ch.city Chengalpattu Maraimalai Nagar
51420 Ch.city Chengalpattu Singaperumalkoil
51430 Ch.city Chengalpattu Karunguzhi
51440 Ch.city Chengalpattu Sembakkam (Diverted to Chengalpattu HO)
51450 Ch.city Chengalpattu TIRUPORUR
53180 Ch.city Vellore Anaikattu SO
53250 Ch.city Vellore Cholavaram SO
53200 Ch.city Vellore CMCH SO
53230 Ch.city Vellore Gandhinagar SO
53260 Ch.city Vellore GR Palayam SO
53140 Ch.city Vellore Kaniyambadi SO
53220 Ch.city Vellore Katpadi SO
53160 Ch.city Vellore Latteri SO
53150 Ch.city Vellore Odugathur SO
53290 Ch.city Vellore Saidapet SO
53210 Ch.city Vellore Sathuvachari SO
53190 Ch.city Vellore Thorapadi SO
53300 Ch.city Vellore Ussoor  SO
53280 Ch.city Vellore Vaduganthangal SO
53240 Ch.city Vellore Vellore fort SO
53170 Ch.city Vellore Virinjipuram SO
50200 Ch.city Vellore Vellore HO
53310 Ch.city Vellore LAPTOP KIT
50400 Ch.city Chennai City Central Chepauk
50410 Ch.city Chennai City Central Choolaimedu
50430 Ch.city Chennai City Central Gopalapuram
50960 Ch.city Chennai City Central T.nagar Addl.
50440 Ch.city Chennai City Central Greames Road
50415 Ch.city Chennai City Central Hindi Prachar Sabha
50450 Ch.city Chennai City Central Mandaveli
50476 Ch.city Chennai City Central MS University
50480 Ch.city Chennai City Central Mylapore
50460 Ch.city Chennai City Central Mylapore HO addl
50490 Ch.city Chennai City Central N H Road
50420 Ch.city Chennai City Central OC Buildings
50510 Ch.city Chennai City Central Pr. AGPO
50500 Ch.city Chennai City Central PS Koil
50520 Ch.city Chennai City Central Royapettah
50530 Ch.city Chennai City Central Shastri Bhavan
50570 Ch.city Chennai City Central T Nagar
50540 Ch.city Chennai City Central T Nagar North
50550 Ch.city Chennai City Central T Nagar South
50034 Ch.city Chennai City Central Teynampet
50586 Ch.city Chennai City Central Tiruvallikenni
51460 Ch.city Kanchipuram BIG KANCHIURAM SO
50100 Ch.city Kanchipuram KANCHIPURAM HO
50101 Ch.city Kanchipuram TIRUVALLUR HO
51490 Ch.city Kanchipuram SRIRPERUMBUDUR SO
51590 Ch.city Kanchipuram KG Kandigai S.O
51600 Ch.city Kanchipuram Kadambathur S.O
51560 Ch.city Kanchipuram Enathur S.O
51520 Ch.city Kanchipuram Uttukottai S.O
51530 Ch.city Kanchipuram Uttiramerur S.O
51640 Ch.city Kanchipuram Poondi S.O
51510 Ch.city Kanchipuram Tiruttani S.O
51580 Ch.city Kanchipuram Ikkadu S.O
51500 Ch.city Kanchipuram Tiruninravur RS S.O
51610 Ch.city Kanchipuram KCM Collectorate S.O
51541 Ch.city Kanchipuram Walajabad S.O
51550 Ch.city Kanchipuram Ayyampettai S.O
51570 Ch.city Kanchipuram Erumbi S.O
51650 Ch.city Kanchipuram Tiruvelangadu S.O
51630 Ch.city Kanchipuram Podaturpeta S.O
51480 Ch.city Kanchipuram Pallipat S.O
51620 Ch.city Kanchipuram Periapalayam S.O
51470 Ch.city Kanchipuram Manavalanagar S.O
52710 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Kalasapakkam
52720 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Tiruvannamalai Bazaar
52730 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Tiruvannamalai HO
52740 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Vandavasi S.O
52750 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai ArniHO
52760 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Tiruvettipuram
52770 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Polur(Tiruvannamalai)
52780 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Kannamangalam
52790 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Chengam
52800 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Chettupattu Polur
52810 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Sriramanashramam
52820 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Adamangalam
52830 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Anukkavoor
52840 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Arni Fort
52850 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Chevur
52860 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Desur
52870 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Devikapuram
52880 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Hasanamapettai
52890 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Kanji
52900 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Kilkodungalur
52910 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Kilpennathur
52920 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Melpallipattu
52930 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Onnupuram
52940 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Pernamallur
52950 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Pudupalayam
52960 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Tandarampattu
52970 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Tellar
52980 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Thachampattu
52990 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Thukkapettai
53000 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Tiruvannamalai RS
53010 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Vanapuram
53020 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Vembakkam
53030 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Vengikkal
53040 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Kalambur
53050 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Mangalam(Tv malai)
53060 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Nayudumangalam
53070 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Santhavasal
53080 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Sathiyaviziyanagaram
53090 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Tanipadi
53100 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Vettavalam
53110 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Vadamadimangalam
53120 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Pachal SO
53130 Ch.city Tiruvannamalai Tandarai SO
51660 Ch.city Pondicherry Dhanvantry Nagar
51670 Ch.city Pondicherry Gingee
51680 Ch.city Pondicherry Lawspet
51692 Ch.city Pondicherry Melmalayanur
51700 Ch.city Pondicherry Mudaliarpet SO
51710 Ch.city Pondicherry Muthialpet
20009 Ch.city Pondicherry Pondicherry HO
51720 Ch.city Pondicherry Pondicherry University
51730 Ch.city Pondicherry Saram (PY)-shifted to Pondicherry HO
51740 Ch.city Pondicherry Sri Aurobindo Ashram SO
51750 Ch.city Pondicherry Thattanchavady
51760 Ch.city Pondicherry Tindivanam HO
51770 Ch.city Pondicherry Tirukanur
51780 Ch.city Pondicherry Valavanur
51790 Ch.city Pondicherry Venkata Nagar SO
51800 Ch.city Pondicherry Villiynaur
51810 Ch.city Pondicherry Villupuram HO
51820 Ch.city Pondicherry Alampoondi SO
51830 Ch.city Pondicherry Ananthapuram
51840 Ch.city Pondicherry Ariyankuppam
51850 Ch.city Pondicherry Avalurpet
51860 Ch.city Pondicherry Bahour SO
51870 Ch.city Pondicherry Brahmedesam
51895 Ch.city Pondicherry Kandamangalam
51900 Ch.city Pondicherry Kanjanur
51910 Ch.city Pondicherry Kedar
51920 Ch.city Pondicherry Koliyanur
51930 Ch.city Pondicherry Kutteripattu
51940 Ch.city Pondicherry Mailam
51950 Ch.city Pondicherry Marakanum
51960 Ch.city Pondicherry Minambur
51970 Ch.city Pondicherry Mokshakulam
51980 Ch.city Pondicherry Mundiyambakkam
51990 Ch.city Pondicherry N.P.Petral
52000 Ch.city Pondicherry Nellithope
52010 Ch.city Pondicherry Nettapakkam
52020 Ch.city Pondicherry Pallineliyanur
52030 Ch.city Pondicherry Reddiyarpalayam
52040 Ch.city Pondicherry Tindivanam HO Addl.
52050 Ch.city Pondicherry Tiruchitrambalam
52065 Ch.city Pondicherry Vellimedupettai
52070 Ch.city Pondicherry Vikravandi
52080 Ch.city Pondicherry Villupuram HO Addl.
52090 Ch.city Pondicherry Villupuram west
51889 Ch.city Pondicherry Valudavur SO
51749 Ch.city Pondicherry Laptop Aadhaar Kit
50990 Ch.city Chennai City South Adambakkam
51000 Ch.city Chennai City South Adyar
51010 Ch.city Chennai City South Alwarthirunagar
51020 Ch.city Chennai City South Ashok Nagar
51030 Ch.city Chennai City South Besant  Nagar
51040 Ch.city Chennai City South Guindy Indl.Estate
51055 Ch.city Chennai City South IIT
51060 Ch.city Chennai City South KK Nagar
51070 Ch.city Chennai City South Kodambakkam
51080 Ch.city Chennai City South Kotturpuram
51090 Ch.city Chennai City South Madipakkam
51100 Ch.city Chennai City South Nandanam
51111 Ch.city Chennai City South Nanganallur
51120 Ch.city Chennai City South Perungudi
51130 Ch.city Chennai City South RA Puram
51140 Ch.city Chennai City South Saidapet
51150 Ch.city Chennai City South St.Thomas Mount
51160 Ch.city Chennai City South Saligramam
51170 Ch.city Chennai City South Tiruvanmiyur
51182 Ch.city Chennai City South TTTI Taramani
51190 Ch.city Chennai City South Vadapalani
51200 Ch.city Chennai City South Velacheri
51210 Ch.city Chennai City South Virugambakkam
51220 Ch.city Chennai City South West mambalam
51230 Ch.city Chennai City South Nandambakkam KI
51241 Ch.city Chennai City South Engineering College
51250 Ch.city Chennai City South Sholinganallur
51260 Ch.city Chennai City South Injambakkam
51281 Ch.city Chennai City South OT Pakkam
50995 Ch.city Chennai City South Laptop Kit @ adambakkam
51290 Ch.city Chennai City South St.Thomas Mount HO Addl.
51300 Ch.city Chennai City South Pazhavanthangal SO Addl.
50880 Ch.city Chennai City North Aminjikarai
50750 Ch.city Chennai City North Annanagar East
50610 Ch.city Chennai City North Annanagar SO MDG
50760 Ch.city Chennai City North Annanagar West Extn
50770 Ch.city Chennai City North Arumbakkam
50620 Ch.city Chennai City North Ayanavaram
50630 Ch.city Chennai City North Chetput
50930 Ch.city Chennai City North Chindadripet
50830 Ch.city Chennai City North Egmore NDSO
50845 Ch.city Chennai City North Ethiraj Salai
50740 Ch.city Chennai City North Flower Bazaar
50780 Ch.city Chennai City North Flowers Road
50680 Ch.city Chennai City North Fort St george
50720 Ch.city Chennai City North High Court
50790 Ch.city Chennai City North ICF Colony
50642 Ch.city Chennai City North Kilpauk
50860 Ch.city Chennai City North Koyambedu
50890 Ch.city Chennai City North Madras Electricity System
50900 Ch.city Chennai City North Mannady
50970 Ch.city Chennai City North MMC PO
50600 Ch.city Chennai City North Park Town HO
50650 Ch.city Chennai City North Perambur
50660 Ch.city Chennai City North Perambur Barracks
50710 Ch.city Chennai City North Periyar Nagar
50800 Ch.city Chennai City North Rippon Buildings
50690 Ch.city Chennai City North Royapuram
50850 Ch.city Chennai City North Sembiam
50730 Ch.city Chennai City North Shenoy Nagar
50871 Ch.city Chennai City North Sowcarpet
50820 Ch.city Chennai City North Tondiarpet
50920 Ch.city Chennai City North Tondiarpet Bazaar
50670 Ch.city Chennai City North Vepery
50810 Ch.city Chennai City North Vyasarpadi
50700 Ch.city Chennai City North Washermanpet
50940 Ch.city Chennai City North Washermanpet East
50055 Ch.city Anna Road Anna Road
50910 Ch.city Anna Road Anna Road Addl 1
51270 Ch.city Anna Road Anna Road Addl 2
50290 Ch.city Arakkonam Arakkonam HO (Jothinagar system)
50210 Ch.city Arakkonam Akm HO
50280 Ch.city Arakkonam Namali SO
50310 Ch.city Arakkonam Palanipet SO
50260 Ch.city Arakkonam Sholinghur SO
50320 Ch.city Arakkonam Takkolam SO
50220 Ch.city Arakkonam Ranipet HO
50240 Ch.city Arakkonam Arcot SO
50350 Ch.city Arakkonam Kalavai SO
50270 Ch.city Arakkonam Melvisharam SO
50380 Ch.city Arakkonam Sakkaramallur SO
50360 Ch.city Arakkonam Timiri SO
50330 Ch.city Arakkonam Ammoor
50340 Ch.city Arakkonam BHEL Ranipet
50250 Ch.city Arakkonam Kaveripak SO
50300 Ch.city Arakkonam Panapakkam SO
50370 Ch.city Arakkonam RanipetInd.Estate SO
50390 Ch.city Arakkonam Tiruvalam SO @ Ocheri
50230 Ch.city Arakkonam Walajapet SO
50221 Ch.city Arakkonam Ranipet HO Laptop Kit
12138 Central Cuddalore Alapakkam
12123 Central Cuddalore Anathur
12148 Central Cuddalore Annamalai University
12152 Central Cuddalore Annamalainagar
12130 Central Cuddalore B.Mutlur
12110 Central Cuddalore Bhuvanagiri
12141 Central Cuddalore Block-1
12105 Central Cuddalore Block-29, Neyveli
12124 Central Cuddalore C.N.Palayam
12131 Central Cuddalore Chidambaram East
12102 Central Cuddalore Chidambaram HO
12125 Central Cuddalore Cuddalore Court Buildings
12101 Central Cuddalore Cuddalore HO
12115 Central Cuddalore Cuddalore O.T
12111 Central Cuddalore Kattumannarkoil
12132 Central Cuddalore Keerapalayam
12151 Central Cuddalore Killai
12150 Central Cuddalore Komaratchi
12126 Central Cuddalore Kullanchavadi
12108 Central Cuddalore Kurinjipadi
12112 Central Cuddalore Lalpet
12127 Central Cuddalore Melpattambakkam
12121 Central Cuddalore Nellikuppam
12128 Central Cuddalore Nellikuppam Bazaar
12122 Central Cuddalore Neyveli-1
12119 Central Cuddalore Neyveli-2
12120 Central Cuddalore Neyveli-3
12134 Central Cuddalore Palayankottai
12116 Central Cuddalore Panruti
12149 Central Cuddalore Parangipettai
12140 Central Cuddalore Perperiyankuppam
12135 Central Cuddalore Pinnalur
12103 Central Cuddalore Puthupet
12106 Central Cuddalore Sethiathope
12107 Central Cuddalore Srimushnum
12136 Central Cuddalore T.Nedunjeri
12117 Central Cuddalore Tiruppadripuliyur
12175 Central RMS 'T' Division Villupuram RMS
12109 Central Cuddalore Vadalur
12137 Central Cuddalore Vallampadugai
12139 Central Cuddalore Varakalpattu
12176 Central Karur Karur HO
12177 Central Karur Aravakurichi SO
12178 Central Karur Chinnadharapuram SO
12179 Central Karur Kagithapuram SO
12180 Central Karur Pallapatti SO
12181 Central Karur Pallapatti Bazaar SO
12182 Central Karur Paramathi(karur) SO
12183 Central Karur Pasupathipalayam SO
12184 Central Karur Pugalur SF SO
12185 Central Karur Puliyur CF SO
12186 Central Karur Sengunthapuram SO
12187 Central Karur Thanthonimalai SO
12188 Central Karur Tirumanilaiyur SO
12189 Central Karur Velayuthampalayam SO
12190 Central Karur Velliyanai SO
12191 Central Karur Vengamedu SO
12225 Central Karur Kulithalai HO
12223 Central Karur Chinthamanipatti SO
12222 Central Karur Elangakurichi SO
12221 Central Karur Kovilpatti SO
12220 Central Karur Krishnarayapuram SO
12219 Central Karur Lalapet SO
12218 Central Karur Manaparai SO
12217 Central Karur Manjampatti SO
12226 Central Karur Mayanur SO
12215 Central Karur Nungavaram SO
12214 Central Karur Palakurichi SO
12213 Central Karur Panjapatti SO
12212 Central Karur Tharagampatti SO
12211 Central Karur Thogamalai SO
12210 Central Karur Thuvarankurichi SO
12224 Central Karur Vaiganallur SO
12209 Central Karur Vaiyampatti SO
12251 Central Kumbakonam Aduthurai
12248 Central Kumbakonam Eravancheri
12262 Central Kumbakonam Kumbakonam Laptop
12231 Central Kumbakonam Kumbakonam Market
12258 Central Kumbakonam koranattukaruppur
12246 Central Kumbakonam Lower anicut
12260 Central Kumbakonam Narasingapettai
12245 Central Kumbakonam Pandanallur
12256 Central Kumbakonam Sakkottai
12259 Central Kumbakonam Terizhnadur
12232 Central Kumbakonam Tiruvidaimaruthur
12253 Central Kumbakonam Attikadai
12247 Central Kumbakonam Natchiyarkoil
12228 Central Kumbakonam Melakaveri
12241 Central Kumbakonam Swamimalai
12243 Central Kumbakonam Tirupanandal
12238 Central Kumbakonam Darasuram
12240 Central Kumbakonam Malliyam
12239 Central Kumbakonam Patteswaram
12244 Central Kumbakonam sembangudi
12234 Central Kumbakonam Tirumangalakudi
12255 Central Kumbakonam Tirunageswaram
12257 Central Kumbakonam kodavasal
12233 Central Kumbakonam Tiruchirai
12230 Central Kumbakonam Kumbakonam City
12242 Central Kumbakonam Sholapuram
12250 Central Kumbakonam tirupuvanam
12236 Central Kumbakonam kuttalam
12235 Central Kumbakonam palaiyur
12261 Central Kumbakonam Tiruvidaicheri
12252 Central Kumbakonam konerirajapuram
12249 Central Kumbakonam koradacheri
12254 Central Kumbakonam Kumbakonam Cutchery
12227 Central Kumbakonam kumbakonam ho
12237 Central Kumbakonam Sengalipuram
12276 Central Mayiladuthurai Mayiladuthurai HO
12284 Central Mayiladuthurai Kollumangudi SO
12285 Central Mayiladuthurai Koranad SO
12286 Central Mayiladuthurai Manalmedu SO
12291 Central Mayiladuthurai Mayiladuthurai RS SO
12294 Central Mayiladuthurai Nidur SO
12295 Central Mayiladuthurai Peralam SO
12296 Central Mayiladuthurai Porayar SO
12297 Central Mayiladuthurai Punthottam SO
12299 Central Mayiladuthurai Sembanarkoil SO
12305 Central Mayiladuthurai Sirkali HO
12306 Central Mayiladuthurai Achalpuram SO
12307 Central Mayiladuthurai Anaikaranchatram
12322 Central Mayiladuthurai Vaithiswarankoil SO
12278 Central Mayiladuthurai Akkur SO
12287 Central Mayiladuthurai Manganallur Bazaar SO
12288 Central Mayiladuthurai Mannampandal SO
12292 Central Mayiladuthurai Mayiladuthurai South SO
12311 Central RMS 'T' Division Kumbakonam RMS
12313 Central Mayiladuthurai Puthur (SRK) SO
12314 Central Mayiladuthurai Sattanathapuram SO
12315 Central Mayiladuthurai Sirkali Thenpathy SO
12321 Central Mayiladuthurai Tiruvengadu SO
12359 Central Nagapattinam Adiakkamangalam SO
12379 Central Nagapattinam Ambagarathur SO
12363 Central Nagapattinam Ammayappan SO
12356 Central Nagapattinam Enangudi SO
12358 Central Nagapattinam Kangalanchery SO
12369 Central Nagapattinam Karaikal MDG
12350 Central Nagapattinam Kilvelur SO
12331 Central Nagapattinam Kuthur SO
12326 Central Nagapattinam Nagapattinam HO
12371 Central Nagapattinam Nagore LSG
12357 Central Nagapattinam Nannilam LSG
12374 Central Nagapattinam Nedungadu SO
12378 Central Nagapattinam Neravy SO
12332 Central Nagapattinam Ponnirai SO
12338 Central Nagapattinam Sikkal SO
12366 Central Nagapattinam Thevur SO
12372 Central Nagapattinam Tirumalrayanpattianam SO
12377 Central Nagapattinam Tirumarugal SO
12375 Central Nagapattinam Tirunallar SO
12364 Central Nagapattinam Tirunellikaval SO
12361 Central Nagapattinam Tirupundi SO
12365 Central Nagapattinam Tiruvarur Collectorate SO
12327 Central Nagapattinam Tiruvarur HO
12352 Central Nagapattinam Tiruvarur North LSG
12376 Central Nagapattinam Tittachery SO
12328 Central Nagapattinam Vailankanni LSG
12367 Central Nagapattinam Valivalam SO
12329 Central Nagapattinam Velippalayam SO
12335 Central Nagapattinam Vettaikaraniruppu SO
12388 Central Pattukottai Adirampattinam LSG SO
12389 Central Pattukottai Alathur SO
12390 Central Pattukottai Avanam SO
12404 Central Pattukottai Ayakarambalam II Sethi SO
12405 Central Pattukottai kariyapattinam SO
12391 Central Pattukottai Kottaitheru SO
12416 Central Pattukottai Kunnalur SO
12392 Central Pattukottai Kuruvikarambai SO
12393 Central Pattukottai Madukkur LSG SO
12394 Central Pattukottai Melaulur SO
12407 Central Pattukottai Mutupet LSG SO
12395 Central Pattukottai Nadimuthu Nagar SO
12396 Central Pattukottai Orattanad LSG SO
12397 Central Pattukottai Ottangadu SO
12408 Central Pattukottai Pamani TTP SO
12398 Central Pattukottai Pappanad SO
12386 Central Pattukottai Pattukottai HO
12399 Central Pattukottai Peravurani LSG SO
12409 Central Pattukottai Takattur SO
12410 Central Pattukottai Talanayar Agraharam SO
12400 Central Pattukottai Tamarankottai
12401 Central Pattukottai Tiruchitrambalam SO
12387 Central Pattukottai Tiruturaipundi HO
12402 Central Pattukottai Tiruvonam SO
12411 Central Pattukottai Topputhurai SO
12403 Central Pattukottai Vadaseri SO
12412 Central Pattukottai Vedaraniam SO
12413 Central Pattukottai Vilakudi
12438 Central Pudukkottai Alangudi
12453 Central Pudukkottai Annavasal
12442 Central Pudukkottai Arantangi
12436 Central Pudukkottai Arimalam
12455 Central Pudukkottai Attani
12449 Central Pudukkottai Ghandarvakottai
12458 Central Pudukkottai Illuppur
12443 Central Pudukkottai Karambakudi
12448 Central Pudukkottai Keeramangalam
12441 Central Pudukkottai Keeranur
12457 Central Pudukkottai Kilanilai
12446 Central Pudukkottai Koppanapatti
12456 Central Pudukkottai Kottaipattinam
12444 Central Pudukkottai Kulathur
12460 Central Pudukkottai Manamelkudi
12461 Central Pudukkottai Mimisal
12450 Central Pudukkottai Perungalur
12440 Central Pudukkottai Ponnamaravathy
12459 Central Pudukkottai Pudukkottai Collectrate
12462 Central Pudukkottai Pudukkottai East
12431 Central Pudukkottai Pudukkottai HO
12434 Central Pudukkottai Pudukkottai Public Offices
12433 Central Pudukkottai Rajagopalapuram
12447 Central Pudukkottai Ramachandrapuram
12452 Central Pudukkottai Rayavaram
12432 Central Pudukkottai Tirugokarnam
12439 Central Pudukkottai Tirumayam
12454 Central Pudukkottai Tirupperunthurai
12445 Central Pudukkottai Tiruvarankulam
12464 Central Pudukkottai Vayalogam
12451 Central Pudukkottai Viralimalai
12494 Central Srirangam Balasamudram S.O--621203
12495 Central Srirangam Bikshandarkoil S.O--621216
12496 Central Srirangam Chettikulam S.O--621104
12497 Central Srirangam Erakudi S.O--621001
12498 Central Srirangam Irungalur S.O--621105
12499 Central Srirangam Kannanur S.O--621206
12500 Central Srirangam Kattuputhur S.O--621207
12501 Central Srirangam Kirambur S.O--621002
12502 Central Srirangam Kunnam S.O--621708
12503 Central Srirangam Labbaikudikadu S.O--621108
12504 Central Srirangam Manachanalloor S.O--621005
12505 Central Srirangam Mettupalayam S.O--621210
12506 Central Srirangam Musiri S.O--621211
12507 Central Srirangam Padalur S.O--621109
12508 Central Srirangam Parvathipuram S.O--621211
12493 Central Srirangam Perambalur H.O--621212
12509 Central Srirangam Pulivalam S.O--621006
12510 Central Srirangam Puthanampatti S.O--621007
12511 Central Srirangam Renganagar S.O--620006
12512 Central Srirangam Samayapuram S.O--621112
12513 Central Srirangam Sikkathambur S.O--621008
12514 Central Srirangam Sirugambur S.O--621213
12491 Central Srirangam Srirangam H.O--620006
12515 Central Srirangam Srirangam West S.O--620006
12516 Central Srirangam Thathiengarpet S.O--621214
12517 Central Srirangam Thottiam S.O--621215
12518 Central Srirangam Tiruvanaikoil S.O--620005
12492 Central Srirangam Turaiyur H.O--621010
12519 Central Srirangam Uppliapuram S.O--621011
12520 Central Srirangam V.Kalathur S.O--621117
12521 Central Srirangam Valikondapuram S.O--621115
12522 Central Srirangam Veppanthattai S.O--621116
12523 Central Srirangam Vyrichettipalayam S.O--621012
12561 Central Thanjavur Thanjavur HO
12562 Central Thanjavur Mannargudi HO
12563 Central Thanjavur Papanasam HO
12564 Central Thanjavur Ammapet SO
12565 Central Thanjavur Ayyampet SO
12566 Central Thanjavur Budalur SO
12567 Central Thanjavur Co-operative Buildings SO
12568 Central Thanjavur Karunthattankudi SO
12569 Central Thanjavur Kokkeri SO
12570 Central Thanjavur Koothanallur SO
12571 Central Thanjavur Kottur SO
12572 Central Thanjavur Kurungulam Melpathi SO
12573 Central Thanjavur Lakshmangudi SO
12574 Central Thanjavur Mannargudi Bazaar SO
12575 Central Thanjavur Mariammankoil SO
12576 Central Thanjavur Nadukaveri SO
12577 Central Thanjavur Naduvakalappal SO
12578 Central Thanjavur Nidamangalam SO
12580 Central Thanjavur Pasupathikoil SO
12581 Central Thanjavur Podakudi SO
12582 Central Thanjavur Raja Serfoji Govt.College SO
12583 Central Thanjavur Saliamangalam SO
12584 Central Thanjavur Sengipatti SO
12585 Central Thanjavur Thanjavur Busstand SO
12586 Central Thanjavur Thanjavur Medical College SO
12587 Central Thanjavur Thanjavur P&T Colony SO
12588 Central Thanjavur Thanjavur West SO
12589 Central Thanjavur Thillaisthanam SO
12590 Central Thanjavur Thiruvaiyaru SO
12591 Central Thanjavur Tirukattupalli SO
12592 Central Thanjavur Tirukkarugavur SO
12593 Central Thanjavur Tiruppanthuruthi SO
12594 Central Thanjavur Ullikottai SO
12595 Central Thanjavur Vadakkumangudi SO
12596 Central Thanjavur Vadapathimangalam SO
12597 Central Thanjavur Vaduvur SO
12598 Central Thanjavur Valangaman SO
12599 Central Thanjavur Vallam-TJ SO
12600 Central Thanjavur Vennar Bank SO
12601 Central Thanjavur VOC Nagar SO
12603 Central Thanjavur TJ city SO
12604 Central Thanjavur Kandiyur SO
12605 Central Thanjavur Rajaghiri SO
12607 Central Thanjavur TJ Collectorate SO
12608 Central Thanjavur Adichapuram SO
12609 Central Thanjavur Pandaravadai SO
12610 Central Thanjavur Laptop Kit
12005 Central Tiruchirappalli Tiruchirappalli HO
12010 Central Tiruchirappalli Pappakuirichikattur   SO                                     
12016 Central Tiruchirappalli Tiruchy R.S. SO               
12017 Central Tiruchirappalli Thillainagar SO
12018 Central Tiruchirappalli Teppakulam   SO                 
12019 Central Tiruchirappalli Goldenrock  SO                   
12020 Central Tiruchirappalli Mela KalkandarKottai SO                               
12021 Central Tiruchirappalli Jamal Mohd.College SO                                            
12022 Central Tiruchirappalli Tennur  SO                                   
12023 Central Tiruchirappalli K.K.Nagar SO                                 
12024 Central Tiruchirappalli Woriur  SO                                   
12025 Central Tiruchirappalli Edamalaipattipudur SO                               
12028 Central Tiruchirappalli Pettavaithalai   SO                           
12029 Central Tiruchirappalli Tiruchy Fort  SO                    
12030 Central Tiruchirappalli Lalgudi HO
12031 Central Tiruchirappalli Pullambadi SO
12092 Central Tiruchirappalli Kallakudi SO
12033 Central Tiruchirappalli Puvalur SO
12034 Central Tiruchirappalli Tirumanur SO
12035 Central Tiruchirappalli Boiler project SO                      
12036 Central Tiruchirappalli National Institute of Technology SO
12037 Central Tiruchirappalli Kilapaluvur SO
12038 Central Tiruchirappalli Kulumani  SO                              
12040 Central Tiruchirappalli Industrial Colony SO                           
12041 Central Tiruchirappalli Annanagar
12042 Central Tiruchirappalli Ordnance Estate   SO                          
12043 Central Tiruchirappalli Somarasampettai SO
12044 Central Tiruchirappalli Ramjeenagar SO
12045 Central Tiruchirappalli Tiruchy Airport SO
12046 Central Tiruchirappalli Puthur SO
12050 Central Tiruchirappalli Udayarpalayam SO
12051 Central Tiruchirappalli Jayakondacholapuram SO
12052 Central Tiruchirappalli Administrative office Building SO
12053 Central Tiruchirappalli ThathampettaiPalur SO
12055 Central Tiruchirappalli Kallagam
12060 Central Tiruchirappalli Andimadam SO
12061 Central Tiruchirappalli Ariyalur MDG
12062 Central Tiruchirappalli Rajajinagar SO
12064 Central Tiruchirappalli TRICHY HO
12065 Central Tiruchirappalli Sendurai SO
12066 Central Tiruchirappalli Ponparappi SO
12067 Central Tiruchirappalli AmbapurSO
12070 Central Tiruchirappalli KallathurThandalai SO
12071 Central Tiruchirappalli Khajanagar  SO                     
12072 Central Tiruchirappalli Minsuritti SO
12073 Central Tiruchirappalli Gangaikondacholapuram SO
12075 Central Tiruchirappalli Clock Tower SO                          
12091 Central Tiruchirappalli Thiruverumbur SO
12006 Central Tiruchirappalli Trichy HO Laptop
12080 Central Tiruchirappalli Lalgudi HO Laptop
12651 Central Vridhachalam VRIDDHACHALAM
12659 Central Vridhachalam PENNADAM
12660 Central Vridhachalam TITTAGUDI
12661 Central Vridhachalam MANGALAM
12654 Central Vridhachalam NALLUR
12662 Central Vridhachalam TOLUDUR
12653 Central Vridhachalam BUDAMUR
12652 Central Vridhachalam VDC BAZAAR
12658 Central Vridhachalam PENNADAM RS
12657 Central Vridhachalam VEPPUR
12655 Central Vridhachalam KAMMAPURAM
12656 Central Vridhachalam MANGALUR
12663 Central Vridhachalam KALLAKURICHI
12664 Central Vridhachalam CHINNASALEM
12665 Central Vridhachalam ULUNDURPET
12666 Central Vridhachalam SANKARAPURAM
12667 Central Vridhachalam TIYAGADRUG
12668 Central Vridhachalam VADAKKANANDAL
12669 Central Vridhachalam PANDALAM
12670 Central Vridhachalam KALLAKURICHI SOUTH
12671 Central Vridhachalam MOONGILTHURAIPATTU
12672 Central Vridhachalam RISHIVANDHIYAM
12673 Central Vridhachalam PUKKIRAVARI
12685 Central Vridhachalam KALAMARUDUR
12675 Central Vridhachalam TIRUKKOYILUR
12676 Central Vridhachalam TIRUVENNAINALLUR
12677 Central Vridhachalam SANTHAPETTAI
12678 Central Vridhachalam KANDACHIPURAM
12683 Central Vridhachalam TIRUNAVALUR
12680 Central Vridhachalam ARIYALUR
12681 Central Vridhachalam ARAKANDANALLUR
12682 Central Vridhachalam MANALURPET
12690 Central Vridhachalam Kallakurichi Laptop
12330 Central RMS 'T' Division Trichy RMS 1
12370 Central RMS 'T' Division Trichy RMS 2
12229 Central RMS 'T' Division Chengalpattu RMS 1
12142 Central RMS 'T' Division Chengalpattu RMS 2
10151 Southern Dindigul Dindigul HO
10152 Southern Dindigul Nilakottai HO
10153 Southern Dindigul Palani HO
10154 Southern Dindigul Nagalnagar LSG SO
10155 Southern Dindigul Natham (MA) LSG SO
10156 Southern Dindigul Chinnalapatti LSG SO
10157 Southern Dindigul Batlagundu LSG SO
10158 Southern Dindigul Kodaikanal LSG SO
10196 Southern Dindigul Oddanchatram LSG SO
10160 Southern Dindigul Begambur LSG SO
10161 Southern Dindigul Vedasandur LSG SO
10162 Southern Dindigul BK Pudur SO
10163 Southern Dindigul Gandhigram (MA) SO
10164 Southern Dindigul Kodairoad R.S. SO
10165 Southern Dindigul Pattiveeranpatti SO
10166 Southern Dindigul Dindigul Collectorate SO
10167 Southern Dindigul Dindigul Fort SO
10168 Southern Dindigul Pandianagar SO
10169 Southern Dindigul Reddiarchatram SO
10170 Southern Dindigul Tadicombu SO
10171 Southern Dindigul A.Vellodu SO
10172 Southern Dindigul Ayyalur SO
10198 Southern Dindigul Sanarpatti SO
10174 Southern Dindigul Vadamadurai SO
10175 Southern Dindigul Vembarpatti SO
10176 Southern Dindigul Iyyampalayam SO
10177 Southern Dindigul Kannivadi SO
10178 Southern Dindigul N.Panjampatti SO
10179 Southern Dindigul Sembatti SO
10180 Southern Dindigul Silukkuvarpatti SO
10181 Southern Dindigul Sithayankottai SO
10195 Southern Dindigul KKL Observatory SO
10183 Southern Dindigul Perumbarai SO
10184 Southern Dindigul Ayakudi SO
10185 Southern Dindigul Chatrapatti SO
10186 Southern Dindigul Kalayamputhur SO
10187 Southern Dindigul Kallimandayam SO
10188 Southern Dindigul Keeranur (MA) SO
10189 Southern Dindigul Narikkalpatti SO
10190 Southern Dindigul Siluvathur SO
10191 Southern Dindigul Guziliamparai SO
10192 Southern Dindigul Kovilur SO
10193 Southern Dindigul Palayam SO
10503 Southern Kanniyakumari Agasteeswaram SO
10504 Southern Kanniyakumari Aralvaimozhi SO
10525 Southern Kanniyakumari Arumanai SO
10505 Southern Kanniyakumari Asaripallam SO
10506 Southern Kanniyakumari Azhakappapuram SO
10507 Southern Kanniyakumari Azhakiapandipuram SO
10508 Southern Kanniyakumari Bhoothapandy SO
10509 Southern Kanniyakumari Colachel SO
10568 Southern Kanniyakumari Eathamozhi SO
10526 Southern Kanniyakumari Idaikkode SO
10527 Southern Kanniyakumari Kaliakkavilai SO
10501 Southern Kanniyakumari Kanniyakumari SO
10528 Southern Kanniyakumari Kappukad SO
10529 Southern Kanniyakumari Karinkal SO
10530 Southern Kanniyakumari Kattathurai SO
10531 Southern Kanniyakumari Kollangodu SO
10511 Southern Kanniyakumari Kottar SO
10512 Southern Kanniyakumari Kottaram SO
10551 Southern Kanniyakumari Kulasekaram SO
10533 Southern Kanniyakumari Kuzhithurai SO
10513 Southern Kanniyakumari Manavalakurichi SO
10534 Southern Kanniyakumari Marthandam SO
10535 Southern Kanniyakumari Mekkamandapam SO
10536 Southern Kanniyakumari Mulagumoodu SO
10514 Southern Kanniyakumari Nagercoil Collectorate SO
10502 Southern Kanniyakumari Nagercoil HO
10515 Southern Kanniyakumari Nagercoil Industrial Estate SO
10516 Southern Kanniyakumari Nagercoil Town SO
10517 Southern Kanniyakumari Neyyoor SO
10518 Southern Kanniyakumari Palapallam SO
10537 Southern Kanniyakumari Palliyadi SO
10538 Southern Kanniyakumari Palukal SO
10539 Southern Kanniyakumari Pudukkadai SO
10567 Southern Kanniyakumari Puthalam SO
10540 Southern Kanniyakumari S T Mangad SO
10520 Southern Kanniyakumari Suchindrum SO
10521 Southern Kanniyakumari Thikkanangodu SO
10541 Southern Kanniyakumari Thiruvithancode SO
10532 Southern Kanniyakumari Thuckalay HO
10550 Southern Kanniyakumari Tiruvattar SO
10546 Southern Kanniyakumari Vadiveeswaram SO
10523 Southern Kanniyakumari Vetturnimadam SO
10524 Southern Kanniyakumari Villukuri SO
10552 Southern Kanniyakumari Nagercoil HO Laptop Kit
10701 Southern Karaikudi Karaikudi HO
10702 Southern Karaikudi Devakottai HO
10703 Southern Karaikudi Devakottai Extension SO
10704 Southern Karaikudi Alagappapuram SO
10705 Southern Karaikudi Sekkalai SO
10706 Southern Karaikudi Kottaiyur SO
10707 Southern Karaikudi Kandanur SO
10708 Southern Karaikudi Puduvayal SO
10709 Southern Karaikudi Pallathur SO
10710 Southern Karaikudi Managiri SO
10711 Southern Karaikudi Nerkuppai SO
10712 Southern Karaikudi Singampunari SO
10713 Southern Karaikudi Kilasevalpatti SO
10714 Southern Karaikudi Ulagampatti SO
10601 Southern Kovilpatti Kovilpatti HO
10602 Southern Kovilpatti Eppodumvendran
10603 Southern Kovilpatti Ettaiyapuram
10634 Southern Kovilpatti Kadambur
10605 Southern Kovilpatti Kayathar SO
10606 Southern Kovilpatti Lakshmipuram
10607 Southern Kovilpatti Nagalapuram
10608 Southern Kovilpatti Nalatinputhur
10609 Southern Kovilpatti Pudur
10610 Southern Kovilpatti Tiruvengadam
10611 Southern Kovilpatti Vilathikulam
10612 Southern Kovilpatti Sankarankovil HO
10613 Southern Kovilpatti Devarkulam
10614 Southern Kovilpatti Kalugumalai
10615 Southern Kovilpatti Karivalamvandanallur
10616 Southern Kovilpatti Kuruvikulam
10617 Southern Kovilpatti Melanilithanallur
10618 Southern Kovilpatti Mullikulam
10619 Southern Kovilpatti Puliyangudi
10620 Southern Kovilpatti Serndamangalam
10621 Southern Kovilpatti Sivagiri
10622 Southern Kovilpatti Vasudevanallur SO
10623 Southern Kovilpatti Virasigamani
10624 Southern Kovilpatti Tenkasi HO
10625 Southern Kovilpatti Alangulam SO
10626 Southern Kovilpatti Kadayanallur
10627 Southern Kovilpatti Kilapavur
10628 Southern Kovilpatti Nallur
10629 Southern Kovilpatti Pavoorchatram
10630 Southern Kovilpatti Sengottai SO
10631 Southern Kovilpatti Surandai
10632 Southern Kovilpatti Virakeralampudur
10633 Southern Kovilpatti Kovilpatti HO Laptop Kit
10004 Southern Madurai Tallakulam HO
10005 Southern Madurai Madurai HO
10007 Southern Madurai Arasaradi HO
10063 Southern Madurai Alanganallur S.O
10009 Southern Madurai Anaiyur S.O
10010 Southern Madurai Checkanurani S.O
10011 Southern Madurai Kalligudi S.O
10012 Southern Madurai Madurai Bibikulam S.O
10013 Southern Madurai Othakadai S.O
10014 Southern Madurai Pasumalai S.O
10015 Southern Madurai Peraiyur S.O (Madurai)
10016 Southern Madurai Samayanallur S.O
10017 Southern Madurai Gandhi Nagar (MA) S.O
10018 Southern Madurai K.Pudur S.O
10019 Southern Madurai Ma Munichalai Road S.O
10020 Southern Madurai Ma Reserve Lines S.O
10021 Southern Madurai Madurai Bazaar S.O
10022 Southern Madurai Madurai Palace S.O
10023 Southern Madurai Melur S.O (Madurai)
10024 Southern Madurai Nagamalai S.O
10025 Southern Madurai Palanganatham S.O
10026 Southern Madurai Palkalai Nagar S.O
10027 Southern Madurai Sholavandan S.O
10028 Southern Madurai Subramaniapuram S.O (Madurai)
10029 Southern Madurai T.Kallupatti S.O
10030 Southern Madurai Thathaneri S.O
10031 Southern Madurai Thiruparankundram S.O
10032 Southern Madurai Tirumangalam S.O
10033 Southern Madurai Tirunagar S.O
10034 Southern Madurai Vadipatti S.O
10035 Southern Madurai Alagarkoil S.O
10036 Southern Madurai Anna Nagar S.O (Madurai)
10037 Southern Madurai Avanivapuram S.O
10038 Southern Madurai Ellis Nagar S.O
10039 Southern Madurai Kappalur Indl.Estate S.O
10040 Southern Madurai Karungalakudi S.O
10041 Southern Madurai Kottampatti S.O
10042 Southern Madurai Madras High Court Madurai Bench S.O
10043 Southern Madurai Madurai Agricultural College S.O
10044 Southern Madurai Madurai Courts S.O
10045 Southern Madurai Palamedu S.O
10046 Southern Madurai Postal Training Centre S.O
10047 Southern Madurai Pudur Bazaar S.O
10048 Southern Madurai Sellur S.O (Madurai)
10049 Southern Madurai South Gate S.O
10050 Southern "RMS ""MA"" Dn" Madurai RMS
10051 Southern Madurai Vellalur S.O
10052 Southern Madurai Vilakkuthoon S.O
10061 Southern Madurai Madurai HO Laptop Kit
10062 Southern Madurai Tallakulam HO Laptop Kit
10800 Southern Ramanathapuram Ramanathapuram HO
10801 Southern Ramanathapuram Paramkaudi HO
10802 Southern Ramanathapuram Kilakarai LSG SO
10803 Southern Ramanathapuram Rameswaram LSG SO
10804 Southern Ramanathapuram Tiruvadanai LSG SO
10805 Southern Ramanathapuram Rajasingamangalam LSG SO
10806 Southern Ramanathapuram Kamudhi LSG SO
10807 Southern Ramanathapuram Mudukulathur LSG SO
10808 Southern Ramanathapuram Mandapam
10809 Southern Ramanathapuram Velipattinam
10811 Southern Ramanathapuram Chathirakudi
10810 Southern Ramanathapuram Emaneswaram
10812 Southern Ramanathapuram Nainarkoil
10813 Southern Ramanathapuram Parthibanur
10814 Southern Ramanathapuram Devipattinam
10815 Southern Ramanathapuram Mangalakudi
10816 Southern Ramanathapuram Pamban SO
10817 Southern Ramanathapuram Panaikulam
10818 Southern Ramanathapuram Periapattinam
10819 Southern Ramanathapuram Perungulam
10820 Southern Ramanathapuram Ramanathapuram Collectorate
10821 Southern Ramanathapuram Sikkal
10822 Southern Ramanathapuram Thangachimadam
10823 Southern Ramanathapuram Tirupullani
10824 Southern Ramanathapuram Tondi
10825 Southern Ramanathapuram Uchipuli
10826 Southern Ramanathapuram Kadaladi
10827 Southern Ramanathapuram Perunali
10828 Southern Ramanathapuram Sayalgudi
10829 Southern Ramanathapuram Teriruveli
10830 Southern Ramanathapuram Abiramam
10901 Southern Sivaganga Sivaganga HO
10902 Southern Sivaganga Manamadurai HO
10912 Southern Sivaganga Tirupattur
10906 Southern Sivaganga Ilayangudi
10903 Southern Sivaganga Kalayarkoil
10911 Southern Sivaganga Kallal
10904 Southern Sivaganga Sivaganga Collectorate
10910 Southern Sivaganga Tiruppuvanam
10908 Southern Sivaganga Okkur
10909 Southern Sivaganga Rajagambiram
10913 Southern Sivaganga Salaigramam
10905 Southern Sivaganga Tiruppachethi
11189 Southern Theni Theni
11151 Southern Theni Periyakulam HO
11152 Southern Theni Aundipatti
11153 Southern Theni Thevaram
11154 Southern Theni Bodinayakanur HO
11155 Southern Theni Cumbum
11156 Southern Theni Gandamanayakanur
11157 Southern Theni Saptur
11158 Southern Theni Gudalur
11159 Southern Theni Lakshmipuram
11161 Southern Theni Uthamapalayam
11162 Southern Theni Yelumalai
11163 Southern Theni Sillamarathupatti
11166 Southern Theni Royappanpatti
11170 Southern Theni Vadugapatti
11169 Southern Theni Subburajnagar
11164 Southern Theni Usilampatti
11173 Southern Theni Devadanapatti
11195 Southern Theni T.Subbulapuram
11172 Southern Theni Kadamalaikundu
11174 Southern Theni Sedapatti
11175 Southern Theni Periyakulam Bazaar
11176 Southern Theni Kamayagoundanpatti
11177 Southern Theni Kombai
11178 Southern Theni Veerapandi
11179 Southern Theni Chinnamanur
10302 Southern Tirunelveli AMBASAMUDRAM HO
10354 Southern Tirunelveli ALWARKURICHI SO
10303 Southern Tirunelveli CHERANMAHADEVI
10317 Southern Tirunelveli KADAYAM
10359 Southern Tirunelveli KALLIDAIKURICHI
10352 Southern Tirunelveli MUKKUDAL
10318 Southern Tirunelveli V K PURAM
10351 Southern Tirunelveli VIRAVANALLUR
10387 Southern Tirunelveli PALAYANKOTTAI HO
10380 Southern Tirunelveli ERUVADI
10361 Southern Tirunelveli KALAKAD
10383 Southern Tirunelveli MULAIKARAIPATTI
10368 Southern Tirunelveli NANGUNERI
10382 Southern Tirunelveli PANAGUDI
10385 Southern Tirunelveli RADHAPURAM
10379 Southern Tirunelveli TISAYANVILAI
10386 Southern Tirunelveli VADAKANGULAM
10374 Southern Tirunelveli VALLIOOR MDG
10301 Southern Tirunelveli TIRUNELVELI HO
10314 Southern Tirunelveli INDUSTRIAL COLONY PETTAI
10308 Southern Tirunelveli MAHARAJA NAGAR
10377 Southern Tirunelveli MANUR
10381 Southern Tirunelveli MELAPALAYAM
10307 Southern Tirunelveli PERUMALPURAM
10313 Southern Tirunelveli SANKAR NAGAR
10311 Southern Tirunelveli TACHANALLUR
10362 Southern Tirunelveli TIRUNELVELI COLLECTORATE
10372 Southern Tirunelveli TIRUNELVELI PETTAI
10304 Southern Tirunelveli TIRUNELVELI TOWN
10305 Southern Tirunelveli VANNARPETTAI
10315 Southern Tirunelveli KILA AMBUR
10355 Southern Tirunelveli PAPPAGUDI
10319 Southern Tirunelveli PAPPANASAM MILLS
10357 Southern Tirunelveli PATTAMADAI
10316 Southern Tirunelveli POTTALPUDUR
10353 Southern Tirunelveli RAVANASAMUDRAM
10309 Southern Tirunelveli BURKIT MANAGARAM
10310 Southern Tirunelveli IDAYANGUDI
10375 Southern Tirunelveli MARUTHAKULAM
10376 Southern Tirunelveli MUNANJIPATTI
10358 Southern Tirunelveli MUNNIRPALLAM
10371 Southern Tirunelveli MUNDRADAIPPU
10363 Southern Tirunelveli PARAPPADI
10384 Southern Tirunelveli SAMUGARENGAPURAM
10373 Southern Tirunelveli TERKU KALLIKULAM
10366 Southern Tirunelveli TERKU KARUNGULAM
10312 Southern Tirunelveli GANGAIKONDAN
10322 Southern Tirunelveli Palayankottai HO Laptop Kit
11256 Southern Tuticorin Alwartirunagari SO
11247 Southern Tuticorin Anandapuram SO
11216 Southern Tuticorin Arumuganeri SO
11225 Southern Tuticorin Autoor SO
11232 Southern Tuticorin Chidambaranagar SO
11240 Southern Tuticorin Eral SO
11226 Southern Tuticorin Kayalpatnam SO
11244 Southern Tuticorin Kayamozhi SO
11253 Southern Tuticorin Kommadikottai SO
11215 Southern Tuticorin Korampallam SO
11230 Southern Tuticorin Kulasekarapatnam SO
11233 Southern Tuticorin Kurumbur SO
11245 Southern Tuticorin Megnanapuram SO
11229 Southern Tuticorin Melur Tuticorin SO
11297 Southern Tuticorin Millerpuram SO
11249 Southern Tuticorin Mudalur SO
11265 Southern Tuticorin Mudittanendal SO
11241 Southern Tuticorin Mukuperi SO
11217 Southern Tuticorin Muthiahpuram SO
11243 Southern Tuticorin Nazareth SO
11212 Southern Tuticorin New Colony SO
11213 Southern Tuticorin Otapidaram SO
11251 Southern Tuticorin Padukapathu SO
11234 Southern Tuticorin Paramankurichi
11242 Southern Tuticorin Pudiyamputhur SO
11227 Southern Tuticorin Pudukottai S.O
11266 Southern Tuticorin Satankulam SO
11223 Southern Tuticorin Sawyerpuram S.O
11252 Southern Tuticorin Seydunganallur so
11218 Southern Tuticorin Srivaikuntam Ho
11211 Southern Tuticorin Tiruchendur HO
11264 Southern Tuticorin Tuticorin Central Bus Stand S.O.
11224 Southern Tuticorin Tuticorin Harbour Estate S.O
11263 Southern Tuticorin Tuticorin HO
11246 Southern Tuticorin Udangudi Christianagaram SO
11228 Southern Tuticorin Vadakkur SO
11255 Southern Tuticorin Vallanad S.O
10197 Southern Tuticorin Tuticorin HO Laptop Kit
11304 Southern Virudhunagar Aruppukottai East S.O
11305 Southern Virudhunagar Aruppukottai HO
11307 Southern Virudhunagar Chatrapatti S.O (Virudhunagar)
11308 Southern Virudhunagar Elayirampannai S.O
11309 Southern Virudhunagar Kalkurichi S.O
11310 Southern Virudhunagar Kallurani S.O
11392 Southern Virudhunagar Kariapatti S.O
11312 Southern Virudhunagar Kumarasamy Raja Nagar S.O
11313 Southern Virudhunagar Kunnur S.O
11314 Southern Virudhunagar M.Reddiapatti S.O
11315 Southern Virudhunagar Mallanginar S.O
11316 Southern Virudhunagar Mohamed Sahibpuram S.O
11317 Southern Virudhunagar Muhavur S.O
11393 Southern Virudhunagar Palavantham S.O
11311 Southern Virudhunagar Palayampatti SO
11319 Southern Virudhunagar Pandalgudi S.O
11320 Southern Virudhunagar Virudhunagar RMS
11321 Southern Virudhunagar Rajapalayam Bazzar S.O
11322 Southern Virudhunagar Rajapalayam HO
11323 Southern Virudhunagar Ramasamy Raja Nagar S.O
11303 Southern Virudhunagar Sattur S.O
11324 Southern Virudhunagar Seithur S.O
11325 Southern Virudhunagar Sivakasi East S.O
11326 Southern Virudhunagar Sivakasi HO
11397 Southern Virudhunagar Sivakasi West S.O
11328 Southern Virudhunagar Srivilliputhur S.O
11329 Southern Virudhunagar Tamilnadu Cements Alangulam S.O
11330 Southern Virudhunagar Tiruchuli S.O
11391 Southern Virudhunagar Tiruthangal S.O
11318 Southern Virudhunagar Vembakottai S.O
11333 Southern Virudhunagar Virudhunagar Bazaar S.O
11400 Southern Virudhunagar Virudhunagar Collectorate S.O
11302 Southern Virudhunagar Virudhunagar HO
11399 Southern Virudhunagar Virudhunagar Town S.O
11306 Southern Virudhunagar Watrap S.O
11167 Western Coimbatore Alandurai SO
11124 Western Coimbatore Bharathiyar University SO
11143 Western Coimbatore Chettipalayam SO
11200 Western Coimbatore Coimbatore Aerodrome SO
11114 Western Coimbatore Coimbatore Bazaar SO
11106 Western Coimbatore Coimbatore Central SO
11115 Western Coimbatore Coimbatore Collectorate SO
11199 Western Coimbatore Coimbatore Courts SO ( @ HO)
11102 Western Coimbatore Coimbatore HO
11144 Western Coimbatore Coimbatore Industrial Estate SO
11194 Western Coimbatore Coimbatore Press Colony SO ( RS Puram HO )
11117 Western Coimbatore Ganapathy SO
11129 Western Coimbatore Gnanambika Mills SO
11136 Western Coimbatore Jothipuram SO
11168 Western Coimbatore Karunyanagar SO
11120 Western Coimbatore Kavundampalayam Colony SO
11119 Western Coimbatore Komarapalayam Coimbatore SO
11109 Western Coimbatore Kovaipudur SO
11147 Western Coimbatore Kuniamuthur SO
11196 Western Coimbatore Kuppakonanpudur SO
11118 Western Coimbatore Lawley Road SO
11150 Western Coimbatore Madukkarai SO
11141 Western Coimbatore Narasimhanaickenpalayam SO
11184 Western Coimbatore Neelikonampalayam SO
11137 Western Coimbatore NGGO Colony SO
11112 Western Coimbatore Ondipudur SO
11145 Western Coimbatore Othakkalmandapam SO
11108 Western Coimbatore Pappanaickenpalayam SO
11122 Western Coimbatore Pappanaickenpudur SO
11135 Western Coimbatore Peelamedu SO
11160 Western Coimbatore Perur SO Coimbatore
11148 Western Coimbatore Podanur SO
11127 Western Coimbatore Ramanathapuram Coimbatore SO
11116 Western Coimbatore Ramnagar Coimbatore SO
11183 Western Coimbatore Rathinapuri SO
11105 Western Coimbatore Rathinasabapathy Puram HO
11165 Western Coimbatore Redfields SO
11197 Western Coimbatore SAHS College SO
11130 Western Coimbatore Saibaba Mission SO
11134 Western Coimbatore Sarkarsamakulam SO
11132 Western Coimbatore SB Institute SO
11142 Western Coimbatore Siddhapudur SO
11146 Western Coimbatore Singanallur SO
11198 Western Coimbatore Sinniampalayam SO
11126 Western Coimbatore Sowripalayam SO
11188 Western Coimbatore Sri Ramakrishna Vidyalaya SO
11123 Western Coimbatore Sundarapuram SO
11133 Western Coimbatore Tadagam SO
11128 Western Coimbatore Tatabad SO
11110 Western Coimbatore Thondamuthur SO
11131 Western Coimbatore Tudiyalur SO
11149 Western Coimbatore Uppilipalayam SO
11138 Western Coimbatore Saravanampatti SO
11107 Western Coimbatore Velandipalayam SO
11125 Western Coimbatore Vellalore SO
11187 Western Coimbatore Coimbatore HO -Aadhaar laptop
11201 Western Dharmapuri Dharmapuri HO
11259 Western Dharmapuri Barur SO
11208 Western Dharmapuri Bommidi SO
11203 Western Dharmapuri Dharmapuri Collectorate SO
11202 Western Dharmapuri Harur SO
11205 Western Dharmapuri Kadathur SO
11206 Western Dharmapuri Kambainallore SO
11220 Western Dharmapuri Komarasamypet SO
11257 Western Dharmapuri Marandahalli SO.
11260 Western Dharmapuri Morappur SO
11258 Western Dharmapuri Nallampalli SO
11221 Western Dharmapuri Palacode SO
11209 Western Dharmapuri Pappireddipatti SO
11222 Western Dharmapuri Pauparapatty SO.
11250 Western Dharmapuri Pennagaram SO
11235 Western Dharmapuri Periyanahalli SO
11254 Western Dharmapuri Tirtamalai SO
11012 Western Dharmapuri Dharmapuri Laptop
11344 Western Erode Ammapettai SO
11345 Western Erode Anthiyur SO
11331 Western Erode Arachalur SO
11370 Western Erode Athani SO Erode
11357 Western Erode Avalpundurai SO
11366 Western Erode Bhavani HO
11332 Western Erode Cauvery Railway Station SO
11376 Western Erode Chennimalai SO
11346 Western Erode Chithode
11377 Western Erode Dasappagoundenpudur SO
11358 Western Erode E.K.Valasu SO( Erode HO)
11334 Western Erode Erode Collectrate SO
11375 Western Erode Erode HO
11379 Western Erode Erode HO Laptop
11336 Western Erode Erode Railway Colony SO
11351 Western Erode Gobichettipalayam HO
11352 Western Erode Gobichettipalayam South SO
11363 Western Erode Guruvareddiyur SO
11364 Western Erode Jambai SO
11372 Western Erode Kallipatti SO
11365 Western Erode Kanjikovil SO
11373 Western Erode Karattadipalayam SO
11335 Western Erode Karungalpalayam SO
11374 Western Erode Kasipalayam SO Erode
11353 Western Erode Kavindapadi SO
11337 Western Erode Kodumudi SO
11354 Western Erode Kunnathur SO Erode
11338 Western Erode Modakuruchi SO
11355 Western Erode Nambiyur SO
11343 Western Erode Nasiyanur SO( Bhavani HO)
11347 Western Erode Olagadam SO
11339 Western Erode Pallipalayam SO
11359 Western Erode Periya Aghraharam SO
11348 Western Erode Perundurai SO
11349 Western Erode Sakthinagar SO
11380 Western Erode Sivagiri SO Erode
11360 Western Erode SPB Colony SO
11341 Western Erode Surampatti SO
11356 Western Erode Thuckanaickenpalayam SO
11367 Western Erode Tudupathi SO
11361 Western Erode Unjalur SO
11368 Western Erode Uttukuli Rs SO
11350 Western Erode Uttukuli SO
11362 Western Erode Vadamugam Vellode SO
11342 Western Erode Veerappanchatram SO
11369 Western Erode Vijayamangalam SO
11274 Western Krishnagiri Barugur S.O
11286 Western Krishnagiri Denkanikotta S.O
11278 Western Krishnagiri Elathagiri S.O
11292 Western Krishnagiri Hosur Cattle Farm S.O
11289 Western Krishnagiri Hosur Indl. Complex S.O
11279 Western Krishnagiri Hosur S.O (Dharmapuri)
11272 Western Krishnagiri Kallavi S.O
11287 Western Krishnagiri Karimangalam S.O
11295 Western Krishnagiri Kaveripattinam S.O (Krishnagiri)
11285 Western Krishnagiri Kelamangalam S.O
11261 Western Krishnagiri Krishnagiri H.O
11275 Western Krishnagiri Krishnagiri Indl. Estate S.O
11276 Western Krishnagiri Mathur S.O (Dharmapuri)
11283 Western Krishnagiri Nagarasampatti S.O
11281 Western Krishnagiri Pochampalli S.O (Krishnagiri)
11288 Western Krishnagiri Royakottah S.O
11291 Western Krishnagiri Shoolagiri S.O
11273 Western Krishnagiri Singarapettai S.O
11290 Western Krishnagiri Thally S.O
11271 Western Krishnagiri Uttangarai S.O
11277 Western Krishnagiri Varattanapalli S.O
11299 Western Krishnagiri Veppanapalli S.O
11431 Western Namakkal Namakkal HO
11496 Western Namakkal Namakkal HO - Laptop kit
11433 Western Namakkal Erampatti
11434 Western Namakkal Ganesapuram SO
11435 Western Namakkal Kalapanaickenpatti SO
11495 Western Namakkal Mohanur SO
11438 Western Namakkal Mohanur Talukrth SO
11439 Western Namakkal Muthugapatti SO
11440 Western Namakkal Nallipalayam SO
11488 Western Namakkal Namakkal Dist court SO
11444 Western Namakkal Palapatti SO
11445 Western Namakkal Puduchatram SO
11448 Western Namakkal Sellappampatti SO
11449 Western Namakkal Semmedu SO
11451 Western Namakkal Sendamangalam SO
11454 Western Namakkal Velagoundampatti SO
11452 Western Namakkal Valayapatti SO
11455 Western Namakkal Tiruchengode HO
11456 Western Namakkal Chittalandur SO
11457 Western Namakkal Elachipalayam SO
11458 Western Namakkal Idappadi SO
11459 Western Namakkal Jedarpalayam SO
11490 Western Namakkal Kandampalayam SO
11462 Western Namakkal Komarapalayam SO
11464 Western Namakkal Konganapuram SO
11467 Western Namakkal Kuchipalayam SO
11466 Western Namakkal Kumaramangalam SO
11480 Western Namakkal Mac doTalukld choultry SO
11468 Western Namakkal Mallasamudram SO
11471 Western Namakkal Pallipalyaam Agraharam SO
11472 Western Namakkal Paramathi SO
11473 Western Namakkal Paundamangalam SO
11474 Western Namakkal Pothanur SO
11479 Western Namakkal Seetharamapalayam SO
11476 Western Namakkal Sankari drug SO
11478 Western Namakkal Sankari west SO
11485 Western Namakkal Vaiyappamalai SO
11486 Western Namakkal Vellandivalaasi SO
11487 Western Namakkal Velur SO
11526 Western Nilgris Aruvankadu SO
11521 Western Nilgris Charringcross SO
11514 Western Nilgris CooTalukor HO
11512 Western Nilgris CooTalukor RS SO
11532 Western Nilgris Emerald SO
11530 Western Nilgris Fernhill SO
11527 Western Nilgris Fingerpost SO
11519 Western Nilgris Gudalur Bazaar SO
11518 Western Nilgris Gudalur Nilgiris SO
11513 Western Nilgris Indunagar SO
11533 Western Nilgris Katary SO
11523 Western Nilgris Kattabettu SO
11517 Western Nilgris Kotagiri SO
11524 Western Nilgris Kundah Bridge SO
11522 Western Nilgris Lovedale SO
11529 Western Nilgris Melur Nilgiris SO
11525 Western Nilgris Naduvattam SO
11528 Western Nilgris Nellakotta SO
11534 Western Nilgris Pandalur SO
11531 Western Nilgris Pasteur Institute SO
11520 Western Nilgris Stone House Hill SO
11511 Western Nilgris Udagamandalam HO
11516 Western Nilgris Udagamandalam Market SO
11515 Western Nilgris Wellington SO
11592 Western Pollachi Ambarampalayam SO
11593 Western Pollachi Anaimalai SO
11594 Western Pollachi Angalakurichi SO
11595 Western Pollachi Gandhinagar SO
11596 Western Pollachi Gudimangalam sO
11597 Western Pollachi Kaniyur SO
11598 Western Pollachi Kinathukadavu SO
11599 Western Pollachi Komaralingam SO
11600 Western Pollachi Kovilpalayam sO
11601 Western Pollachi Kurichikottai SO
11602 Western Pollachi Madathukulam SO
11603 Western Pollachi Mahalingapuram SO
11604 Western Pollachi Makkinaickenpatti SO
11605 Western Pollachi Malayandipattinam SO
11606 Western Pollachi Mudis SO
11607 Western Pollachi Negagam SO
11608 Western Pollachi Pedappampatti SO
11591 Western Pollachi Pollachi HO
11609 Western Pollachi Pulankinar SO
11610 Western Pollachi Pungamuthur SO
11611 Western Pollachi Udamalpet HO
11612 Western Pollachi Uttukuli Zamin SO
11613 Western Pollachi Valparai SO
11614 Western Pollachi Venkatesamills SO
11615 Western Pollachi Vettaikaranpudur SO
11616 Western Pollachi Zamin Muthur SO
11692 Western Salem East Alagapuram SO
11665 Western Salem East Ammapet SO
11712 Western Salem East Aragalur SO
11667 Western Salem East Attayampatti SO
11702 Western Salem East Atur Bazaar SO
11711 Western Salem East Atur HO
11666 Western Salem East Ayodhiyapattinam SO
11706 Western Salem East Belur SO
11685 Western Salem East Dasanaickenpatti SO
11669 Western Salem East Fairlands SO
11704 Western Salem East Gangavalli SO
11676 Western Salem East Gugai SO
11675 Western Salem East Hasthampatti SO
11686 Western Salem East Kamaraj Nagar Colony SO
11689 Western Salem East Kannankurichi SO
11672 Western Salem East Karipatti SO
11663 Western Salem East Kitchipalayam SO
11670 Western Salem East Kondalampatti SO
11719 Western Salem East Malliakarai SO
11680 Western Salem East Mullur SO
11708 Western Salem East Narasingapuram SO
11687 Western Salem East Ondikadai SO
11671 Western Salem East Panamarathupatti SO
11703 Western Salem East Pethanaickenpalayam SO
11705 Western Salem East Pudupet SO
11674 Western Salem East Salem Bazaar SO
11678 Western Salem East Salem Collectorate SO
11688 Western Salem East Salem District Court Buildings
11664 Western Salem East Salem Extension SO
11100 Western Salem East Salem HO
11690 Western Salem East Salem HO - Laptop kit
11684 Western Salem East Salem Talukrth SO
11661 Western Salem East Salem South SO
11717 Western Salem East Salem South SO
11681 Western Salem East Shevapet Bazaar SO
11673 Western Salem East Shevapet SO
11683 Western Salem East Sukkampatti SO
11707 Western Salem East Talaivasal SO
11718 Western Salem East Thammampatti SO
11709 Western Salem East Vadachennimalai SO
11701 Western Salem East Valapady SO
11668 Western Salem East Veerapandi SO
11716 Western Salem East Viraganur SO
11662 Western Salem East Yercaud SO
11710 Western Salem East Yethapur SO
11751 Western Salem West Angadalur SO
11752 Western Salem West Arisipalayam SO @ Suramangalam HO
11753 Western Salem West Chamrajpet SO
11754 Western Salem West Elampillai SO
11755 Western Salem West Gonur SO
11756 Western Salem West Gurusamipalayam SO
11762 Western Salem West Govt. Engineering College SO
11757 Western Salem West Jagirammapalayam SO
11758 Western Salem West Jalakandapuram sO
11759 Western Salem West Kadayampatti SO
11767 Western Salem West Karuppur SO
11760 Western Salem West Kolathur SO
11761 Western Salem West Leigh Bazaar SO
11763 Western Salem West Mangalapuram SO
11764 Western Salem West Mecheri SO
11765 Western Salem West Metturdam SO
11766 Western Salem West Metturdam R.S. SO
11768 Western Salem West Mohannagar SO
11769 Western Salem West Muthunaickenpatti SO
11770 Western Salem West Namagiripettai SO
11771 Western Salem West Nangavalli SO
11772 Western Salem West Omalur SO
11773 Western Salem West Pannapatti SO
11774 Western Salem West Raman Nagar SO
11775 Western Salem West Rasipuram SO
11776 Western Salem West Salem Camp SO
11785 Western Salem West Salem Steel Plant SO
11778 Western Salem West Sinnappampatti SO
11779 Western Salem West Sivadapuram SO
11780 Western Salem West Suramangalam HO
11781 Western Salem West Tharamangalam SO
11782 Western Salem West Tholasampatti SO
11783 Western Salem West Vembadithalam SO
11784 Western Salem West Vennandur SO
11922 Western Tiurppattur Gudiyattam HO
11946 Western Tiurppattur Ambur SO
11943 Western Tiurppattur Dharnampet SO
11944 Western Tiurppattur K V Kuppam SO
11941 Western Tiurppattur Madanur SO
11940 Western Tiurppattur Mailpatti SO
11942 Western Tiurppattur Pallikonda SO
11926 Western Tiurppattur Pernambut SO
11939 Western Tiurppattur Thuthipattu SO
11921 Western Tiurppattur Tirupattur HO
11931 Western Tiurppattur Alangayam SO
11932 Western Tiurppattur Ambalur SO
11937 Western Tiurppattur Jaffarabad SO
11938 Western Tiurppattur Jamanamarathur SO
11947 Western Tiurppattur Jolarpettai SO
11933 Western Tiurppattur Kandili SO
11927 Western Tiurppattur Natrampalli SO
11936 Western Tiurppattur Newtown VNB SO
11934 Western Tiurppattur Pudupettai SO
11935 Western Tiurppattur Tirupattur Bazaar SO
11945 Western Tiurppattur Vaniyambadi SO
11928 Western Tiurppattur Vengalapuram SO
11929 Western Tiurppattur Vishmangalam SO
11930 Western Tiurppattur Matrapalli SO
11882 Western Tirupur Annur SO
11918 Western Tirupur Anupparpalayam SO
11919 Western Tirupur Avinashi SO
11883 Western Tirupur Bhavani Sagar SO
11830 Western Tirupur Cheyur SO
11821 Western Tirupur Dharapuram HO
11920 Western Tirupur Gandhinagar SO
11899 Western Tirupur Iduvampalayam sO
11895 Western Tirupur Irugur SO
11823 Western Tirupur Kangayam SO
11890 Western Tirupur Kangayampalayam sO
11866 Western Tirupur Karadibavi SO
11884 Western Tirupur Karamadai SO
11893 Western Tirupur Karumathampatti SO
11862 Western Tirupur Kettanur SO
11867 Western Tirupur KSN Puram SO
11881 Western Tirupur Mettupalayam HO
11824 Western Tirupur Mulanur SO
11825 Western Tirupur Muthur SO
11826 Western Tirupur Nathakadaiyur SO
11052 Western Tirupur Palladam SO
11831 Western Tirupur Perumanallur SO
11885 Western Tirupur Puliampatti SO
11892 Western Tirupur Rangasamudram SO
11891 Western Tirupur Sathyamangalam SO
11887 Western Tirupur Seeliyur SO
11886 Western Tirupur Sirumugai SO
11894 Western Tirupur Somanur SO
11865 Western Tirupur Sultanpet SO
11889 Western Tirupur Sulur SO
11925 Western Tirupur T.C. Market SO
11868 Western Tirupur Tirupur Bazaar SO
11897 Western Tirupur Tirupur East SO
11053 Western Tirupur Tirupur HO
11917 Western Tirupur Tirupur HO - Laptop kit
11051 Western Tirupur Tirupur Talukrth SO
11860 Western Tirupur Veerapandi SO
11898 Western Tirupur Vellakoil SO
11822 Western Tirupur Ellisnagar SO @ Dharapuram HO
11888 Western Tirupur Mahadevapuram SO
11896 Western Tirupur Talavadi SO
11121 Western RMS CB Dn Coimbatore RMS

Tamilnadu Postal Circle Employee Corner

Directory of Officers and Employees